Red Team
Own 10 Cows and Sheep
Own 10 Chickens and Ducks
Own 20 Chickens and Ducks
Touch Glove 100x for Milk
Touch Glove 300x for Milk
Touch Glove 700x for Milk
Touch Glove 100x for Wool
Touch Glove 300x for Wool
Touch Glove 700x for Wool
Ship 300 Milk, Eggs, or Wool
Ship 500 Milk, Eggs, or Wool
Ship 1000 Milk, Eggs, or Wool
Orange Team
Give Thomas his requested item on Wi02
Chop 100 Branches
Chop 250 Branches
Chop 500 Branches
Chop 15 Tree Stumps
Smash 100 Stones
Smash 250 Stones
Smash 500 Stones
Smash 5 Large Stones
Smash 15 Large Stones
Use a Mystril level Axe
Bless a Cursed Hammer
Yellow Team
15 animals born
Talk to animals 50x
Talk to animals 350x
Talk to animals 900x
Pet the animals 50x
Pet the animals 100x
Pet the animals 300x
Pet the animals 500x
Wash the animals 50x
Wash the animals 100x
Wash the animals 300x
Wash the animals 500x
Green Team
Ship 1000 items
Ship 5000 items
Ship 10,000 items
Ship 30,000 items
Ship 50,000 items
Toss an item into the Basket
Toss an item into the Saddlebags
Ship a Cabbage
Ship a Pineapple
Ship a Green Pepper
Use a Mystril Sickle
Bless a Cursed Sickle