Birthdays »
Chef - Fall 14
Nappy - Winter 22
Hoggy - Fall 10
Timid - Summer 16
Aqua - Spring 26
Staid - Spring 15
Bold - Spring 4

Favorites »
Colored Grass, Flour, Honey, Apples, Bread

Events »
Sprite Tea Party

harvest sprites Harvest Sprites

The Harvest Sprites live in a shack behind Carter's Church. During any season you can go visit them in their house and ask for their assitance with your farm work. You can ask them to water your crops, harvest your crops, or take care of your animals. Their are 7 Sprites; Chef (red), Nappy (orange), Hoggy (yellow), Timid (green), Aqua (blue), Staid (indigo), and Bold (violet).

When you start your farm adventure the Sprites all start off liking you a little bit, but their friendship levels can quickly drop if you don't pay much attention to them. To request their assistance, talk to the Sprite you want and then select the first option. From there you can choose to have him water your crops, take care of your animals, or harvest your crops. Then just choose 1, 3, or 7 days. The next morning the Sprite will arrive at your farm to work. They actually won't even help you with your work until you have raised their friendship levels up to 3 hearts. A simple way to raise their heart levels is to give them gifts of grass.

"Give them Weed?! What are you thinking?!"

No no not that kind of grass. During the Spring, Summer, and Fall you'll find grass weeds scattered about in various places. You'll find the majority of it on Mother Hill and Mineral Beach. Giving the Sprite its color-coordinated grass raises the friendship very quickly. Since there are no black or white Sprites there's no need to give them those colors of grass. There are two "blue" grasses; a normal blue and an indigo blue. Indigo Grass grows in the Fall while Blue Grass grows in the Spring and Summer.

Besides being able to help you on the farm, once they have a friendship level of at least 3 hearts you can play mini games with them. When you talk to a Sprite, select the 2nd menu option to play a game. You can play only 1 game per day with each Sprite.

Mini game 1 The first game is about crop watering, sort of like "follow the leader". You will have 25 little squares and when it's time to play 3 of them will light up in a certain order. It's your job to remember the order they appeared in and then use the A button to have the Sprite water that spot. If you water the spot in the correct order a plant will appear. If you do it out of order the ground will still get wet, but no plant. If you try to water the wrong spot, the Sprite will say ". . ." and you have to find the right one. You have 25 seconds to find all 3 spots correctly. After playing 3 rounds your score is tallied; (the number of plants you sprouted) + (the number of watered spots) - (the number of misses) = your total score. When your Sprites get better at watering crops, the number of light-up squares will increase when playing the mini game.

Mini game 2 The second game has you pulling a Turnip out of the ground. You have to press the A button at a steady pace in order to pull out the vegetable. If you start getting out of pace, the Sprite's face will turn read. If you keep going like that he'll pull the top off the veggie instead of pull the whole thing out of the ground. The goal is to pull out as many Turnips as you can without breaking off the tops.

Mini game 3 The last game has your Sprite feeding 5 chickens. The object of the game is to feed the chickens as fast as you can. If the chicken runs out of food, it will walk to the bottom of the screen. If it reaches the bottom that's a point against your total score. The chickens eat quickly so try to keep their food bins full. You don't have to grab any food to feed them, just press the A button while standing in front of the food bin. If the bin is full though that will count as a mark against your total score. Likewise if the chicken completely runs off the edge of the screen then it's a bad point. As long as you don't get 10 bad points in 60 seconds then you'll clear the game.

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