Tori is the book learned lady of the available bachelorettes. She spends many days inside the Library among the bookcases. She is a shy girl and completely opposite of her brother Zavier. At night she goes back to her mother's Inn, or heads off to the Hot Spring to spend time with Melody. When you talk to her she'll struggle past her bashfulness but will always manage to wish for your safety. One day she would like to travel the world that she's only read about in books.

Birthday: Winter 26            Wife Gift: Baked Apple

Favorite Gift Liked Gifts Disliked Gifts
Pump. Pudding Strawberry, Grape, Vegetable Juice, Vegetable Ole, Pink Cat, Pudding, L. Cheese n/a

Marrying Tori is fairly simple, but you will need a Buffamoo from the Mt. Gigant cave area.

Step 1: Walk into the Hot Spring on a clear evening Tuesday or Thursday. Tori will be inside.

Step 2: Raise a Buffamoo up to 8 Friend Points. When you milk your Buffamoo you should start receiving L. Milk.

Step 3: On the weekend between 9:00 pm and 10:00 pm Tori will be at the summit of Mt. Clemens. She'll be up the north path, before you walk west towards the bridge leading to Mt. Gigant. Take a L. Milk and hand it over to her.

Once she receives the large size Milk you've completed the steps needed to marry her. Just talk to her again to propose.

Tori is very fond of people who read books, so to raise her LP head to the library every day and read one of the books there. The only other ways to raise her LP are by taking part in the love-based festivals like Spring Festival, Moonlit Eve, and Starry Night.

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