The beautiful maiden Sharron seems to be investigating mysterious power coming from the Kasimir Ruins. She is concerned about all of the monsters living inside. While she spends most of the day at the ruins, surrounded by giant lily pads, at night she stays in the far right guest room at the Inn. She is close friends with Melody.

Birthday: Winter 19            Wife Gift: Donut

Favorite Gift Liked Gifts Disliked Gifts
Relaxtea Leaves Fire Crystal, Wind Crystal, Water Crystal n/a

Raising Love Points

Sharron is one of the easiest girls to raise the Love Point value to 10. Once you have unlocked Clemens Cave, mine the rocks until you find Fire Crystals. Give the crystals to Sharron when she is outside of Kasimir Ruins and she'll be at 10 LP in no time. On Wednesdays she goes inside the ruins for the day, so if you don't have the permit from Godwin you can't talk to her until after 9pm at the Inn. You will need at least 3 FP with LadyAnn before you can visit the Inn late at night.

Marriage Requirements

You need to reach Mt. Gigant before you can start the chain of events needed to marry Sharron.

Step 1: Clear the Mt. Gigant area and defeat the boss, Grimoire. Once the boss is finished you'll receive the item Grimoire's Scale.

Step 2: Take the scale to Leo the Blacksmith. When you give it to him he'll begin crafting a sword. Leo will give you the Grimoire Sword made from the scale of the dragon.

Step 3: Give the Grimoire Sword to Sharron.

After you've given her the sword, you can ask for her hand in marriage if she has 10 LP.

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