Rosetta is Jean's daughter and she helps her father out at his General Store. She not a terribly helpful person, but everyday she comes to your farm to pick up the items you've placed in your Shipping Bin. Rosetta is very tom-boyish, and is the opposite of Mist. She has very little regard for your neighbor lady to the south as the two of them appear to be rivals.

Birthday: Fall 21            Wife Gift: Corn on Cob

Favorite Gift Liked Gifts Disliked Gifts
Baked Potato Strawberry, Corn, Hot Milk, Omelet, Corn on Cob, Hot Chocolate n/a

Raising Love Points

Rosetta is a classic Harvest Moon girl, as giving gifts will increase her Love Points. You can grow Strawberries inside of Carmite Cave and then give her one daily.

Marriage Requirements

Marrying Rosetta requires you to wander into the 2nd mine, but other then that she's not very difficult.

Step 1: Visit the Library and read up on a book about the legendary White Stone. It'll be in the middle section of bookcases on the 1st floor, in the right area of the right-hand side shelves.

Step 2: Go to the General Store and talk to Rosetta when she is upstairs in her room, usually after 8:00 pm. She'll talk to you about the stone. You'll need to raise Jean's FP up to 3 before you can enter the store after hours.

white stone

Step 3: Head to the Toros Cave. In the ice covered areas on the first floor (Area9) you'll find a large, white stalagmite in the same area with the Little Wizard. Investigate the icy structure to find a White Stone.

Step 4: Give the White Stone to Rosetta.

After you have handed over the stone you can talk to her again and ask her to marry you.

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