When you first arrived in Kardia Village, Mist was the one who took care of you. The land you live on is situated just north of her house. Mist is a very ordinary girl who just would like to see you regain your memories. She visits your farm every afternoon and on rainy days she'll even be inside your house. Mist gives you advice each time you enter a new Cave, so she's generally a very helpful girl.

Birthday: Fall 01            Wife Gift: Tempura Udon, Tomato Seeds, Flour, Sardine

Favorite Gift Liked Gifts Disliked Gifts
Emery Flower Radish, Baked Apple, 4-Leaf Clover, Fried Udon, Cake n/a

Raising Love Points

Mist enjoys daily gifts and conversation, as well as the special holidays like Spring Festival and Beaches Open. The big bonus to Mist is her birthday. If you give her a birthday present you'll get a huge bonus to her LP.

Marriage Requirements

Marrying the first girl you met isn't terribly difficult but it will take some time.

Step 1: You must clear the Danann Cave and defeat the boss at the end.

Step 2: Clear the field Mist loaned you of any debris such as weeds, rocks, stumps, and so on. You then must till every square of land, but you don't have to plant and raise crops on the soil.

Once you've finished the two steps, go inside her house when she's there to talk to her. After your conversation you can propose marriage.

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