This dark, mysterious woman came from a far away land to Kardia Village. She lives at LadyAnn's Inn, where she prefers to keep to herself and doesn't really like to be bothered talking with anybody. On Thursdays she'll go down to the dock at the ocean side. Nobody can tell how old she really is, but if you bring her fish you'll at least get a smile out of her.

Birthday: Fall 10            Wife Gift: Baked Riceballs

Favorite Gift Liked Gifts Disliked Gifts
Baked Riceballs Lobster, Lamp Squid, Lover Snapper, any fish higher than level 26 n/a

Raising Love Points

Mei is one of the most tedious girls to marry. To raise her LP you'll discover that most gifts mean nothing to her. The best thing to do is talk to her during fesivals, give her a gift on her Birthday, and give her fish on Fishing Day (Fall 29). The max number of fish you can give her on that day is 10.

Since the Misty Bloom Cave is only available in the Winter, catch 11 Lover Snapper (10 plus the 1 necessary for trading) and store them in your Refrigerator. Trade 1 of them until level 80, then on Fall 29 give her the remaining 10 to help boost her LPs.

Marriage Requirements

It takes a lot of effort, and a good friend who also has a copy of Rune Factory, to meet the requirements necessary.

Step 1: Upgrade your Fishing Pole to level 5 (Sacred Rod), which requires you to collect various bits of items from the monsters. Leo can upgrade your pole a few levels for you, but it's up to you to take it all the way to the last level. The last item you'll need comes off of the plants in Danann Cave, so you'll almost be done with the main story line by the time you get the pole upgraded to the required level.

Step 2: Head to the Winter season Misty Bloom Cave and make your way down to the area before the final boss' room, or the room with the Tricky Mush summoning machine (A5). Charge up your Fishing Rod to its highest power and fish off the docks until you catch a Lover Snapper, a large pink fish.

Step 3: Find a friend who also has a copy of Rune Factory for their DS, and use the Wifi network to trade the Lover Snapper back and forth. Each time it passes from DS to DS it will raise 1 level. You need the fish to be at least level 80, so this may take some time.

Once you have the level 80+ fish, give it to Mei and then talk to her again to propose.

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