Marriage With The Rivals

In Animal Parade there are eight rivals to go with eight marriage candidates you have available. Each pair has a set of two rival events that when seen, will trigger their marriage ceremony. If the rival couple gets married then you can not marry your half of the pair.

The couples are:

  • Calvin and Phoebe
  • Chase and Maya
  • Gill and Luna
  • Jin and Anissa
  • Julius and Candace
  • Luke and Selena
  • Owen and Kathy
  • Toby and Renee

The Witch, Wizard, Harvest Goddess, and Harvest King are not marriage rivals with each other. They will always be single.

The advantage of getting the other couples marries is that they have their own children. Each couple has a unique child that takes traits from both parents. When the children start to appear in Harmonica Town then you can sometimes find them at the school that is attached to the mayor's house.

Triggering Rival Marriage

The rival events will trigger as you increase your friendship with your rival. If you don't want to see the rival events then don't befriend the rival! It's very simple. Your rival will be the same gender as your chosen character's gender and the events are the same for both sides.

  • The first rival event will trigger once you have the rival at 4 hearts.
  • The second event will occur when the rival is at 5 hearts. The rival will stop by your house in the morning and ask if they should tell their potential spouse the feeling that he/she has for him/her.
  • The last rival event will be available when the rival is at 7 hearts.

The next day after you see the last rival event you will receive a wedding invitation in your mailbox. The letter will tell you the date their wedding will take place. The ceremony is typically 2 weeks from the date of the last rival event, and it takes place in the Celesta Church at 10:00 am.

The Rival Wedding

Rival wedding

On the day of the rival wedding, head to the church and walk inside after 10:00 am. You'll get to witness the wedding between the couple, which is over as quickly as it begins! When the ceremony is over you'll be left standing inside the church at the same time you entered the building.

After marriage, one of them will move in with the other:

  • Calvin and Phoebe - Calvin moves to the General Store
  • Chase and Maya - Maya moves to Chase's house
  • Gill and Luna - Luna moves to the Mayor's House
  • Jin and Anissa - Anissa moves to Choral Clinic
  • Julius and Candace - Candace moves to Julius' house in Flute Fields
  • Luke and Selena - Selena moves to Carpenter's
  • Owen and Kathy - Kathy moves to the Blacksmith
  • Toby and Renee - Toby moves to Horn Ranch

Calvin and Phoebe

4 Heart Event

Phoebe and Calvin's first rival event

Location: Garmon Upper Mine
Time: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Phoebe was taking a short nap when she awoke to Calvin sitting next to her. He thinks the mine is full of danger and a lady shouldn't be exploring on her own. This annoys Phoebe for a moment but Calvin didn't mean to upset her.

She explains that she doesn't have anything valuable on her anyway, and she doesn't even have any Rare Metal. Calvin asks if she'll be fine on her own, annoying her again, but she replies that she'll be fine. And with that, off she goes to explore the mine on her own.

7 Heart Event

Phoebe and Calvin's second rival event

Location: General Store
Time: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, not Thursday

Phoebe has just finished one of her inventions to show it off to Calvin, but something seems to have gotten wrong. She apologizes for her machine not working, and asks if he's disappointed. Calvin says he's not, since life is always exciting when she's around.

Calvin casually asks if she's interested in getting married. Phoebe says (vaguely) that she is interested, so Calvin asks for confirmation that she's interested in marriage specifically. Phoebe replies that she's interested in him. Calvin thinks that's the best kind of interest.

Chase and Maya

4 Heart Event

Maya and Chase first rival event

Location: Ocarina Inn
Time: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Maya is in the in and notices there is some cake sitting out on the counter. Without thinking about it, she gobbles up the dessert. When Chase arrives and wonders who ate his Chestnut Cake, Maya plays innocent until he mentions that he put rat poison in it.

Oh no! Maya starts to panic about the poison. Chase didn't really poison the cake; he was just trying to get her to admit that she was the one who ate it. Maya apologizes about the cake and runs off.

7 Heart Event

Maya and Chase second rival event

Location: Chase's house
Time: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Maya has come by to give Chase a shortcake that she baked. Chase doesn't understand why she keeps trying to cook. Maya insists that it's her best job and it is really delicious, although Chase has his doubts. Maya figures there isn't anyone in the world who wouldn't want cake! She takes her gift back anyway and guesses maybe he'll love her next gift.

Maya pulls out a Blue Feather and presents it to Chase. He still seems annoyed and asks if she is proposing. Maya admits that she is, but Chase tells her that he doesn't want it! She puts it away and yells at him out of frustration. Why did she even search for a Blue Feather for him!

Chase then pulls out and shows her a Blue Feather. It's suppose to be the boy who gives the feather to the girl! Chase explains that she just has to eat and doesn't need to do any other preparations. She can be his taste tester for the rest of her life. Maya accepts his proposal.

Gill and Luna

4 Heart Event

Luna and Gill first rival event

Location: Town Hall
Time: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Gill is minding the front desk when Luna comes in looking for Mayor Hamilton. Gill asks if there's anything he can do, but Luna doesn't want to talk to the mayor's kid. Gill asks if she thinks he's a bad stand-in for his dad.

Luna changes the subject and asks him to deliver a document about their shop to the mayor. He mentions how it's good that she could do this errand on her own, which makes Luna mad! She is not happy that he is treating her like a child. She's old enough to get married!

Gill seems to has gotten back at her for the earlier "kid" insult. Luna doesn't appreciate it, becomes angry, and storms out of the town hall. Gill didn't mean to make her so mad.

7 Heart Event

Luna and Gill second rival event

Location: Mayor's House
Time: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Gill is busy reading a book when Luna walks in and notices a Blue Feather. Gill is surprised to see her with it, and Luna wonders out loud who it is going to be given to. Gill seems annoyed and asks her to give it back. Luna doesn't plan on giving it back until he tells her who the feather is going to be given to! She pockets the feather and runs around the house, with Gill chasing behind her.

The mayor's son finally is so frustrated trying to get the feather back that he scolds her and tells her that she's acting like a child. Luna is back to being upset about being called a kid, and looks like she's about to cry. Gill is the child because he doesn't understand a woman's heart!

Gill tells her that he actually does understand, because he was planning on giving her the Blue Feather. Luna is shocked at first, but then angry because she feels he's just trying to humor her (after all, she is a "kid"). Gill has to convince her that his feelings are genuine, and asks her to marry him.

Jin and Anissa

4 Heart Event

Anissa and Jin first heart event

Location: Choral Clinic
Time: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Jin and Anissa are inside Choral Clinic, and Jin asks if she needs some medicine made. She asks where Irene is, but the elderly nurse has stepped out. He notices that she doesn't look very well, and suggests that she let him take a look at her.

Anissa rejects his offer and says she was just on her way out. He doesn't mean her any discourteous! Anissa says she is fine because she took some medicine. Jin is concerned because just taking medicine is not an equivalent for a medical exam. It is his responsibility!

She gives in and he checks over her health. As she is leaving, Anissa mentions how pushy he can be. Jin admits that sometimes he can be.

7 Heart Event

Aniss and Gill second rival event

Location: Choral Clinic
Time: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Walk into the Choral Clinic and you will find that Jin seems to have caught a small cold, so Anissa is there to help him get better. She has made him a lot of soup and has stopped by to deliver it so Jin can eat it later.

Anissa helps out at the clinic for a bit, but when she's finished Jin doesn't want her to leave. She does plan on coming back tomorrow but he insists that she stay. She blushes and understands what he is trying to imply.

Julius and Candace

4 Heart Event

Candace and Julius first rival event

Location: Sonata Tailoring
Time: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Julius has stopped by the shop to see if Candace would like to go out later in the day, but she doesn't want to. He doesn't understand why she would reject his offer and wants to know if it was something he did. He is a nice guy, after all!

Candace tells him it isn't something he did. She pauses for a little bit and starts to speak, but Julius makes an assumption that the problem is with his height. He's of average height! His outburst startles shy Candace, and she runs out of the shop.

Japanese version:

7 Heart Event

Candace and Julius second rival event

Location: Julius' House
Time: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Inside the house, Candace has come to pay Julius a visit because it seems that something is wrong. Julius explains that he has taken a tumble and sprained his foot, but he is okay. Candace is glad that he's fine.

Now that she's here, Julius changes the topic and tells her that he made a mistake to hurt her feelings. Candace admits that she thought Julius didn't like her because she's not pretty or smart. Julius doesn't think that at all! He's always liked her. Julius has even been searching for a Blue Feather so that he could propose.

Candace is surprised to hear this, and she accepts his proposal.

Luke and Selena

4 Heart Event

Selena and Luke first rival event

Location: Harmonica Beach
Time: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Selena is practicing her dancing down at the shoreline when she notices that Luke has been watching her shimmy about. He praises her for the performance but Selena brushes him off for having such little good-taste, although she still gives him a snobby "thank you" for his compliment. Luke cheerfully turns to leave but his lack of response to her insults annoys her, and she demand that he stop.

She asks if he even heard what she said. Shouldn't he be asking for her name, where she came from, or any other type of pick-up line? Oh, names! Luke smiles and happily introduces himself.

Selena didn't want his name! He obviously was not paying attention. Luke says when people ask for a name he usually gives them his own name. Selena smiles out of amusement and, in return, introduces herself back to Luke.

Luke asks her when he can meet her, and she tells him at the bar. Luke smiles again and leaves.

7 Heart Event

Selena and Luke second rival event

Location: Brass Bar
Time: 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Owen and Luke are relaxing at the bar while Selena dances about. Luke is fascinated by her movements and mentions how his face is red and his heart is shivering. Owen suggests he go to the clinic.

Luke is embarrassed that Owen actually heard him talking to himself. Selena comes over to their table and asks if it was because of her. Luke isn't shy to admit that she makes his heart atwitter. Selena admits that he does the same to her.

Luke suddenly stands up and suggest they get married! Selena blushes and agrees, but remind him that she can't cook. It's okay because neither can he! Selena becomes annoyed at her new fiancé, but he tells her they'll be fine as long as they love each other.

Owen and Kathy

4 Heart Event

Kathy and Owen first rival event

Location: In the grassy area between the Horn Ranch shop and the barn in Flute Fields.
Time: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Kathy and Owen have just finished racing some horses and Owen is celebrating his victory. Kathy tells him she won't lose next time. It seems that Kathy had promised Owen a kiss if he could beat her and now he's looking to collect his reward.

She will only do so if their eyes are closed. They both close their eyes and try to move closer together, but since they can't see where they're going Kathy ends up kissing empty air and Owen is way too far away! Kathy opens her eyes and Owen asks her if she always kisses like this. Kathy becomes angry and runs off.

7 Heart Event

Kathy and Owen second rival event

Location: Inside the Brass Bar
Time: 4:00 pm 8:00 pm

Owen is in the bar having a drink, so Kathy nags him about how early it is in the day to be drinking. It doesn't matter so much to Owen since he doesn't have a wife that would come to fetch him.

What a sudden change of topic! Owen asks if it was a bad subject but Kathy doesn't seem to believe so. Hayden overhears his comment and tells Owen that he's got a good daughter. Kathy tries to object to her father's word, but he tells her the longer she waits to marry, the more worried he gets about her.

Owen asks her for an answer and Kathy tells him yes.

Toby and Renee

4 Heart Event

Renee and Toby first rival event

Location: On the small dock in front of the Brass Bar
Time: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Toby and Renee are fishing by the Brass Bar. Renee thinks that it's a perfect day today since she just caught a fish. She wants to share the fish with Toby, and asks if he would like it to be boiled or fried. Toby really likes boiled fish.

The two of them go back to fishing, when Toby gets an idea. He asks if Renee has any interest in doing some deep-sea fishing. Can she catch Tuna and Bonito? Toby tells her it's something he enjoys, so Renee would like to give it a try someday. She'll even make them some lunch.

7 Heart Event

Renee and Toby second rival event

Location: In the empty area between Horn Ranch's shop and the barn
Time: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Toby and Renee are brushing some of the animals outside and take a brief break. Renee thanks him for helping her. It seems one of the goats has taken quite a liking to Toby. At first he wasn't very good with the animals (and they were all afraid of him) but he's gotten much better.

Renee tells him that when she was a child she was very weak, and had to be careful. Yet, she was very important to her family. Toby wants to become part of her family too, and asks her to marry him. Renee is lost in thought about how nice a family is, so his proposal takes a little while to sink in. Toby would like to have a family with her, and she accepts.

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