Starting A New Game

Once you have finished the main storyline of the game, you can continue playing forever or start a new game by helping the Harvest King out with his special request.

The King is worried

If you want to start over, head back up to the Harvest King's throne. He is pondering to himself and wonder if only a pure hearted person can do this specific task, but who can he ask?

The Harvest King realizes that you've been listening to his worries, and explains he is in need of a pure hearted person. Unfortunately you don't believe you qualify for such a prestigious task. The King then requests that if you ever do come across someone who meets his qualification, please bring the person to meet with him.

To make it easier for you to reach the top of Garmon Mountain, the Harvest King casts an enchantment onto a rock near the hot springs. The glyph that appears can be used as a short cut to reach his throne. The matching glyph is on the cliff wall by the shipping bin in the Garmon Mine District.

Finding a Pure Heart

The only people who typically have "pure hearts" are children. Once you have a child (or two), bring him/her to the King's throne by using the magical teleportation glyph at the base of the Garmon Mountain. Either your older or younger child can tag along, or even bring both with you.

The Harvest King asks if you found someone who would be willing to fulfill the task that he will give. Your child asks the King what he/she can do. The fiery red-head thinks for a moment, and tells your child what task he is going to request:

Far away to the east there is a small island. The power of nature is very weak there, so the Harvest King would like to send a sapling from the Harvest Goddess' divine tree to this island.

The King is worried

(During the explanation, a world map of Waffle Island from Tree of Tranquility is displayed in the background.)

The King continues to explain that the divine tree sapling must be taken to the pure hearted person on the island. He asks if you want to give your child this task. You can then choose which child (if you have more than one) you want to give this challenge to, or tell him you want to think about it some more and come back later.

If you choose your child to do this, the King will explain that there are still two other tasks that must be completed. The first is to get nature's blessing to made a new divine tree sapling, and the other is to get someone to protect the new tree. The Harvest Goddess can make a new tree but he doesn't know what the process is. She understands the land better than he does.

Making A New Divine Tree

At the Goddess' Pond, Finn asks the other sprites about getting the blessing of nature. One by one, each sprite gives a suggestion as to what they think is required.


This item comes from the Garmon Upper Mine. You have to find White Wonderfuls and have them processed by Mira in her accessory shop. The more White Wonderfuls you have, the better chance you'll have of receiving a Diamond from her appraisal. There is only a 5% chance of getting a Diamond from your stack of White Wonderfuls.

King Salmon

The salmon is one of the great fish kings, and will be tricky to catch. The King Salmon is only available during the Summer and Fall seasons after 7:00 pm. You will need to have a Gold or Goddess Fishing Pole to catch it.

Head to Flute Fields and position yourself under the waterwheel shack. Power up to level 3 before casting your line west into the water and if you're lucky you'll catch a King Salmon. If you were fishing by the Flute Fields Bonus House, just a little ways south, you won't be able to catch it.

Shining Honeydew

Honeydew grow on your farm during the Summer season. You can grow a Shining Honeydew if you use a lot of fertilizer to enrich your soil. The seeds come from Ruth at Marimba Farm for 40 G a piece.

The Shining Honeydew can be purchased at Marimba Farm if you have expanded the shop to level 4 by shipping over 160,000 G worth of crops.


This recipe does not require items with specific quality ranks. You can buy all of the ingredients at the shops and then make it with your Oven kitchen utensil. If you don't have milk and eggs from your own farm, you can buy them from Horn Ranch. Wheat can be bought from Marimba Farm and then processed with the waterwheel.

Recipe: Wheat Flour + milk + egg + butter + cheese

Shining Hearty Lunch

Each morning when you awake, your spouse will pack you a lunch. Sometimes it is a plain Box Lunch and other times it is a Hearty Box. The Hearty Lunch has a quality rank to it, and occasionally you may receive a Shining Hearty Lunch from your spouse.

The other way to get a Shining Hearty Lunch is to simply make it yourself. The total price of the ingredients must be 1200 G or more. A plain loaf of Bread itself sells for over 750 G, so you just need to make sure the remaining ingredients (butter, egg, mayonnaise, and a vegetable) sell for more than 450 G. All ingredients can be combined using the Knife Set cooking utensil to make the Hearty Lunch box.

Once you have collected the items suggested by the Harvest Sprites, take them back to the Harvest King and hand them over. The King will use his powers to combine the 5 blessings of nature to create a tree seed. He tells you to grow the seed at the Goddess' Pond. When the tree grows, the divine protector will be decided.

Take the seed to the Goddess. Until the seed becomes a sapling, she will have to take care of it herself. After comforting Finn (who is over-worrying again), she takes the seed and requests that you bring your chosen child to her if you didn't bring him/her with you to the pond.

The Goddess will plant the seed in the soil around the divine tree. She instructs you to water it every day, for a total of 5 days, by bringing your child and Finn to the sapling. If you forget to water the tree for even one day, it will die.

If you allow the sapling to die, then you will get a stern lecture from the Goddess. She will send you to speak with the Harvest King, who also gives you a guilt trip for allowing the tree to die. Eventually he will soften and send a new seed down to the Goddess for you to try again. You don't have to collect the 5 blessing ingredients again.

For the next 5 days, bring your child to the Goddess Pond so he/she and Finn can water the tree sapling. Stand next to the baby tree and press the A button to allow the two of them to water it. Each day the tree will grow just a little bit.

On the 5th day after your child waters the tree, the Goddess will inform you all that the tree is growing wonderfully. She recognizes how much effort your child and Finn have put into taking care of the little tree. It's said the next step is to find out who the tree's protector should be.

All the sprites gather together to give power to the Goddess, who then gives the power to Finn. Finn thinks of the guardian and summons a mighty rainbow! The rainbow trails off into the distance, and the Goddess says that the guardian will have to take the tree to the far, distant island. She's sure the Harvest King will recognize Finn and your child as the official guardians. The Goddess will give you the tree sapling and instructs you to take it to the Harvest King.

At the king's throne, the Harvest King will tell you it is time to set off for the other island and asks if your preparations are ready.

This is your last chance to change your mind! If you are not ready to start a new game then do not tell him you are ready. The remainder of the game is a series of cut scenes that you just sit back and watch.

The King will tell Finn that he will become the new helper and the protector of nature for Waffle Island. You seem sad, but the Harvest King reminds you that at some point in time you have to let your children go free.

The game will immediately shift to your evening meal, where your entire family is spending their last night together before your chosen child leaves for the other island.

In the middle of the night you'll find your child has left the house and traveled down to the beach. He/she can't sleep but it's not because of the upcoming event, but because he/she's a little worried about leaving you and your spouse. Will your spouse cry every day if he/she isn't around? You will give your child some words of encouragement.

In the morning you will all gather at the Harvest Goddess' Pond to see the chosen child off to the next island. A few of the villagers have also come to see the sending off and give their words of encouragement. Hamilton takes a group photo and now it's time to go.

Before your child leaves, you can tell him/her to wait for a moment, and give a gift that will be handed over to the person waiting on the other side of the rainbow. You can only give items, and not tools or any other key items like the camera. After giving over the item, your child and Finn will travel across the rainbow bridge.

Starting A New Game

After the child walks across the rainbow, you can choose to have the last photo appear on your Wii's message board. You also can choose which save slot you want to use for the new game. You do not have to over-write the game file you just sent your child off on if you don't want to.

Once the ending credits finish, you will be taken back to the title screen. When you choose to continue your game and select the save marked with a gold star, you will be taken to the create new character screen. A new game will start from that point.

After you finish meeting with Hamilton, the child from your previous game will stop by and give you any gift that your previous character send the child off with. You also get:

  • Maximum stamina bar (1000 points)
  • Goddess-level Watering Can
  • Goddess-level Hoe
  • Level 5 tool skills

At this point you can save over the previous game file. If you tried to continue your old game-cleared file, you would just start a new game again. Saving over the old game-cleared gold star save file will still keep the gold star marker on your new game save file.

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