Main Menus

There are 4 main menus in the game, which give you information on your friendship, farm, and other valuable tidbits of data. You can open the main menu by pressing the C Button on your Nunchuck or the Y button on your Classic Controller. Moving through the menus is done by using the direction pad.

Rucksack Menu

rucksack menu

All of the items you currently have in your rucksack are displayed in the Ruck Menu. At the beginning of the game, your rucksack can hold 15 items. You can upgrade your rucksack to hold a total of 20 items, and again to unlock all 30 slots.

The order of items in the rucksack start from the top-left square and moves to the right. If you have an item in slot #1, that is the first item that appears in your Ring Menu. You can reorganize the Ring Menu by rearranging the items in your Ruck Menu. You could group all of your farm tools on the top row of the rucksack, and they will be grouped together in your Ring Menu.

To arrange items, use the analog stick on the Nunchuck (or Left Stick on the Classic Controller) to move to an item and then press A to select it. You can swap spots in the rucksack by selecting another item, or by selecting an empty space in the rucksack. If you want to delete something from your rucksack, press the minus ( - ) button on a selected item.

Friendship Menu

friendship menu

All of the relationships you develop are listed in the Friendship Menu. You have separate lists for the people, farm animals, pets, and wild animals that you befriend in the game. You can move through each list by pressing the Nunchuck analog stick or the Classic L stick.

In Tree of Tranquility, the person or animal with the highest affection was listed at the top of the page. In Animal Parade, they are listed together in a set order. In the "human" list, your family is listed first, followed by the Harmonica Town villagers, the Flute Fields villagers, Garmon Mine villagers, Toucan Island residents, the Harvest royalty and sprites, and finally the rival children.

Each human (or animal) listed has a set of 10 hearts next to them. As each pink heart fills up, the person will like you more. You can increase the hearts by giving gifts, talking to the person daily, and inviting him/her to festivals.

Your spouse will have 10 pink hearts and 10 red hearts; the pink will turn red as your spouse becomes happier with his/her married life. A red heart represents 2 pink hearts. For example, if your spouse has 4 red hearts and 6 pink hearts, then he/she has a total of 14 hearts.

keeping tabs on villagers

Next to each one of the villagers listed on the Friendship Menu will be a small magnifying lens. If you press A to activate the "watch" feature, the person's portrait and location will appear in the lower left corner of your screen. You will always know where the person is, but there isn't an arrow pointing towards their location like in Tree of Tranquility. You can only monitor 1 person at a time, and you can turn off the spyglass by selecting the person again with the A button.

If you want to find more information about a person, navigate to their spot in the villagers list and press the minus ( - ) button on your controller. You will learn the person's birthday, some likes and dislikes, and a small profile description.

Work Menu

work menu

The Work Menu gives you data on how much money you've earned so far in the game. There is a list of all earned money, and another list of your first year and second year income comparisons. Interestingly enough, the list doesn't update past your second year, so it will always display your first and second year sales data,even if you are much further along in the game.

The amount of money you have earned is useful for upgrading the other shops in the game. Each category is listed; farming, ranching, mining, fishing, miscellaneous (other), and the total sum of all categories added together. For example, the Almonica Bar will upgrade to level 2 when you have shipped a total of 100,000 G, but the Flute Tailors will not upgrade unless 100,000 G is earned in the ranching category.

Farm Menu

farm menu

General information about your farm is listed in the Farm Menu. You can see how much wood and material stone you need for upgrading your house, the number of animals you have on your farm, and how much fodder and chicken feed you have in reserve.

The Farm Menu also includes the Player information. Your birthday, healthy, family members, and farm degree are listed here.

The last list available are your tool strengths. The higher the tool level, the more powerful it is. You will use this tool menu as you are upgrading your tools.

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