Village Events

There aren't a lot of random-type events you will come across. Some of the events tie into marriage requirements, others are just for fun.

Good Friendships

As you are befriending the villagers, you might be told that you have become friends with them. Once you have reached at least 3 Friend Points the residents of the houses will allow you to enter and visit them prior to when their doors are scheduled to unlock. You might also hear some tidbits of background story from each person.

Rollabouti Wine

Visit the bar when Emmett has at least 3 Friend Points. He'll be upstairs in his bedroom. Talk to him twice, and he'll tell you his one dream is to drink the legendary Rollabouti wine. The wine was made 50 years ago and it has been said that there aren't even 10 bottles of it left in the world.

wine location

Check out one of the crates in Jasper's basement and you'll find a bottle of Rollabouti. Bianca shows up to see what you're up to and you ask her about the wine. Her father bought all of the Rollabouti wine so it became a legend. It has a very usual taste, so she thinks it's fine for you to have the bottle.

Return to the bar and give the wine to Emmett. He is incredibly happy! You'll explain that the wine came from Jasper' house, but you can't drink it because you're not old enough. To thank you for your kindness, Emmett will give you a dish of Ultimate Curry.

The Missing Scriptures

the missing prayer book

Talk to Wesley when he's visiting Melody's spa on the holiday, between 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm. If you talk to him a few times, he'll ask if you've seen his Holy Book. He went into the bath and the book was gone when he exited his spa therapy session.

Knowing how Nicholas is a trickster, hunt down the little boy when he is outside playing. Ask him if he's hidden it and Nicholas will fess up to hiding it in the girl's side of the bathhouse. What a bad place to put it!

Head back to the bathhouse and talk to Melody. Explain that Nicholas hid the Holy Book in the girl's half of the facility. She will give you permission to go back to the forbidden female area when she isn't expecting guests, which is only on holidays (weekend) when it's raining. Zavier is the only one who shows up then.

Restricted Access!

When the weather finally is right and it is a holiday, head back to the bath house and enter the girls side. At first your heart will be beating fast, but if you persevere (keep walking!) you'll enter the forbidden area. Head to the back of the room and check the structure to the left of the water fountain. You'll find the Holy Book where Nicholas said it was.

Return the Holy Book to Wesley. You can't really tell him where you found it, but he's glad to have it back without excuses. In exchange for the book he will give you a Rosary trinket. When equipped you'll gain +5% to Critical and +15% defense against Power Attack.

Sabrina and Neumannn's Second Marriage

This must be started before you end the game.

Sabrina and Neumann, step 1

Visit the Church on the holiday (sunny day) between 10:00 am and Noon, and talk to Neumann by the organ. Neumann will tell you his one desire is to cancel the mistakes of a past day. It seems he felt he did something wrong. Neumann says Sabrina was angry, but he was a rash youth.

When you have earned Sabrina's friendship and have permission to enter her house after closing, visit her upstairs in her room after 9:00 pm, or between 6:00 am and 9:00 am. She'll be suprised that Neumann confessed to making her angry. Sabrina tells you they met back before she was pregnant with Nicholl. They were married for a short time before she came to Kardia Village. Apparently Neumann had used the "Stoller Chalice" for something she didn't approve of.

Talk to Neumann when he's in the bar. A good time to see him is on the weekend between noon and 6:00 pm. Ask him what the Grail is. Neumann will explain that the Stoller Chalice is a family heirloom from Sabrina's family, passed down through the generations. It is said that if your husband drinks from the chalice on the day of your 1st wedding anniversary, you will be happy throughout your lives. Neumann wasn't convinced that the legend was true, but he was willing to do it for Sabrina's happiness.

So the day before his wedding anniversary, Neumann took the chalice without permission, went to the local tavern, and planned to use it as his drinking cup until the next morning! At first he was drinking alone, but he met another woman at the bar and the two of were sharing drinks out of the fancy alcohol flask.

When he finally left the bar, Sabrina was waiting for him. He doesn't remember what happened then, but the next day she left and came to Kardia Village. After that, Sabrina hid the chalice but he doesn't know where.

Stolla Grail

Return to Sabrina's, and talk to her again when she's on the 2nd floor. She didn't expect Neumann to tell the whole story about the chalice. At first she claims she can't remember where she hid it, but after some persuassion admits she placed it in Kasimir Ruins. If you're going to fetch the Stoller Chalice, she asks that you keep it a secret from Neumann.

When you get access to Kasimir Ruins, go past the Golum Door and keep going towards the boss room. You will pass by a pair of statues, which a staircase leading up to them. Stand between the statues and press the A button to find the chalice.

If you give the Stoller Chalice to Neumann, he will be in shock that you found where Sabrina had hidden it. Neumann also declares that he will not use it as a drinking cup this time! He requests that you deliver it to Sabrina, and the chalice is put back into your rucksack.

The wedding

Return the chalice to Sabrina and she'll be surprised that you were able to find it. The wedding between the happy couple will take place immediatly after handing over the item to Sabrina. You'll view the ceramony and all of the villagers will take their time to congratulate the happy couple. After the wedding you will return to your house, where it will be the next day at 12:00 pm.

Curing Felicity's Sickness

Step 1: Go to the Library and check out the bookcases. You'll find a book about the legendary Cursed Stone.

Step 2: Head back to the Library after rescuing "Ceci" from Clemens Cave. They'll thank you for saving her and Cecilia will mention that the book about the cursed stone is scarey.

Step 3: In the evening when Felicity is upstairs at her father's house, talk to her about the stone. Felicity will hand the stone over to you. Make sure you have an available slot in your Rucksack to receive the stone. You will need to have at least 3 FP with Godwin and have been given permission to enter his house after 6:00 pm.

Step 4: Take the stone to Doctor Edward. He'll examine the little rock and confirm that it is indeed a Cursed Stone. Edward will dispose of the little rock for you.

Step 5: Return to Felicity and talk to her. Tell her what she received was an evil Cursed Stone. Now that she no longer has the item in her possession, her health begins to return.

Grimoire Sword

On rainy days, Leo will close up his shop and head to the bar. Visit him there between Noon and 5:00 pm to hear his wish. Leo would like a Grimoire Scale so he might be able to make a sword.

As you progress through the game you'll eventually reach Mt. Gigant. When you clear the area you will receive one of the Grimoire Scales Leo was talking about. Return to Leo at his blacksmith shop and give it to him (hold the scale in your hands and press A). He will be elated that you had come across the item, and begins working on a sword. It will be ready in 3 days.

The sword can not be used as a weapon. Its only purpose is for completing the requirements necessary to marrying Sharron. Completing the event will result in max friendship with Leo.

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