There are 11 potential mates available for you to choose from. Ten of them can be wooed throughout the game, but Major Lynette will only appear after you have finished the main story line.

Besides needing 10 Love Points, a house upgrade, and the Big Bed from Ivan, each girl will have other requirements you must meet before she will accept your proposal. There isn't a Blue Feather in Rune Factory, but the other tasks you must complete substitute for it.

After marriage the lady you selected will move into your house. Each morning she will give you a little bit of food to start your day with. You can ship it for money or save it for later to recharge your Rune Points.

Rune Factory baby

After you have been married for 150 days your wife will have a baby. There is no pregnancy scene and the baby will just instantly appear in your wife's arms in the morning. Your wife will always carry the baby around and it never grows any older. All of the wives have the same type of baby graphic, and you are not prompted to give your child a name.

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