Probably the most basic thing you can do in Rune Factory is tuck your stylus away; most everything in the game can be controlled with the basic button controls. Occasionally you may need to view another screen in your inventory that requires a tap on the touch screen, but that can be easily done with just your finger. The top screen will always display the world map.

Game Controls
Directional Pad - Move character
- Navigate through rucksack contents
- Select quantity of purchased items at stores
Start button - Open your inventory
Select button - Target square on/off
A button - Talk to a person or animal
- Select items in your rucksack
- Confirmation of menu choices
- Pick up items off the ground
Left Shoulder + A - Open rucksack inventory ring
B button - Use equipped weapon/tool
- Hold down B to charge up weapon/tool
- Eat item held in your hands
- Dismount when riding
Left Shoulder + B - Open tool/weapon ring
X button - Cast selected magic spell
Left Shoulder + X - Open available magic ring
Y button - Put held item into your rucksack
Left Shoulder + Y - Not used
Left Shoulder + Select - Take a screen shot of your game screen
Right Shoulder - Hold down to run instead of walk

The "rings" that appear when you press Left Shoulder and A, B, or X, allow you to activate items without having to go into your rucksack and move the item into your equipped area. You can spin through the ring of items by pressing left or right on your directional pad.

Rune Points
What exactly is a Rune Point? What you'll need to know to manage your stamina levels and make your own little "rune factories".

Status Effects
Some of the monsters you face will inflict status effects that cause you some annoyance.

Beginning Tools
At the start of the game you'll only have a Watering Can and a Hoe. You'll need to acquire the other tools from residents of the village.

Magic Spells
Besides physical damage from your weapons, you can cast magic spells on your enemies. Using magic costs Rune Points, so manage your precious reserves as best you can.

Wifi Connections
Using Nintendo's Wifi network, you can trade items and send pictures of your farm to your friends. Trading is necessary if you want to marry a specific bachelorette.

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