The Ushi No Tane website was started in 2000 to help players with questions regarding their Harvest Moon games. Originally a site covering just Harvest Moon 2 for Gameboy Color, it has expanded to cover over 15 versions of the Harvest Moon game series.

Harvest Moon is a farming simulation game with an underlining storyline that add depth to break up the daily monotony of watering crops. In the games, players have the option of getting married, raising livestock and poultry animals, catching fish, and attending festivals to impress the local villagers.

Harvest Moon (Bokujyou Monogatari) was first published in Japan in 1996 by Pack In Video; the company, after several mergers, is currently known as Marvelous AQL (formerly Marvelous Entertainment). In North America, the game is localized by Natsume, Inc. and first published in 1998. Natsume still handles the English localization. In the PAL region, localization was handled by Rising Star Games. The most recent versions have been handled by Marvelous AQL Europe and Zen Unlimited.

The Ushi No Tane website is also the only English help site that covers the Legend of the River King game series, which predates Harvest Moon in Japan by 6 years; the first River King game was released for the Super Famicon console in 1990.

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